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Who Judges The Judges?

The Other Night Series

This investigation into the behaviour of judges in London was conducted over four years. In our view it reveals apparent and blatant abuse of process by some high ranking judges in London’s High Court. Since it was published on X and Youtube the evidence it sets out has not been challenged by anyone involved.

Episode One - Independent Journalism

Episode One

Sir Stephen Males is a Lord Justice in London’s Court of Appeal and Mrs Justice Sara Cockerill is a judge in the Commercial Court. This programme sets out evidence that they were both in covert contact with a third party outside of court, about a case, without the knowledge of the parties..

Episode 2 Preview - Independent Journalism

Episode Two Preview

We believe Appeal Court Judge Lord Justice Stephen Males broke the law in 2022. He was asked to provide copies of all the data he held about one of our journalists but altered one of the emails that formed part of his response. In this preview of episode 2, we explain why we think that's a crime.