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Corporate Promotional Videos

Corporate Promotional Videos | In today's world storytelling reigns supreme, driving the narratives that captivate audiences. Broadcast news reporting stands as one of the oldest forms of audiovisual storytelling, predating the mass adoption of television sets.

During the golden age of television, advertising on mainstream media was a preserve of the wealthy. However with mainstream television audiences dwindling and the proliferation of video-sharing platforms online, professional mass video marketing has become more accessible.. but no one executes it quite like Hunt & Gather.


Corporate Promotional Videos

The techniques utilised by broadcast news journalists to captivate mass audiences have remained unchanged for nearly a century, simply because they work. Your story is inherently newsworthy, attention-grabbing, and compelling when presented in the right manner. At Hunt & Gather, we merge premium camera and editing services with over two decades of frontline broadcast news experience.

Frontline Experience in the Battle for Sales

Corporate Promotional Video Agency

How do words, sound, picture, and video seamlessly blend to deliver a powerful message? With our background in television news, only Hunt & Gather possesses the experience and expertise to harness all these elements simultaneously. Our Director, Callum Watkinson, has been at the forefront of mainstream television news production for two decades.

As a field producer, he orchestrated logistical news gathering efforts during major breaking stories worldwide, covering locations from Libya to London to Washington. Later, as a reporter, he delivered stories to audiences of up to half a million people across the Midlands most nights of the week.

Corporate Promotional Videos UK

The Power of the News Media

Crafting a promotional video that resonates requires more than just captivating visuals. Sound, music, interviews, and scripted voiceovers are powerful tools often overlooked by videographers. Without context—without human experiences and emotions—it becomes mere moving wallpaper lost in the audience's feeds.

With over twenty years of daily broadcast news production experience, we possess an innate ability to seamlessly blend all elements of an audiovisual experience into a crisply packaged, highly shareable product, all achieved quickly and efficiently. From conception to delivery, we structure your story with an instinct for the ABC of television news—Accuracy, Brevity, and Clarity.

Corporate Promotional Videos - Callum in Libya

If it Sound Like News it is Hard to Ignore

This proven formula has shaped public opinion for decades and remains a dominant medium in public discourse. Having lived and breathed television news for two decades, we dedicate our knowledge to telling your story in a timeless form that resonates across all platforms.

Your voice, your story—in a tone and format reminiscent of essential viewing - will stay ingrained in the minds of anyone who has ever watched a news bulletin. It's a presentation they'll remember long after their feeds have forgotten it.

Corporate Videos

We told stories for twenty years, day in, day out. We are waiting to tell yours.

An in depth knowledge of camera and editing techniques that goes back two decades.

Access to additional professionals if needed to get the job done.

We have always been driven by deadlines and your project will be no different.

Corporate Promotional Video Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

We are all about stories. There are many agencies who specialise only in pretty pictures. We want to get the voices of those involved with your operation - be they customers or staff - and involve them in your narrative.

This will depend on the length of video you require and the scope of your ambitions but for many projects a single day’s filming by a single camera operator will be sufficient.

Filming: from £700/day for a single camera operator

Editing : from £500 per 5 mins of deliverable output*

Yes, we will cost your project following a consultation and your price will be subject to a production agreement**