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Crafting Your Narrative: Elevating Your Speech with Expertise

Presentation Scripting and Coaching

No one is better qualified than you to deliver your message. If you find yourself struggling to find the right words or lacking confidence, Hunt & Gather can assist with both.

In this era of twenty-four-hour mass media, the precise choice and delivery of words hold incredible power. Picture having an award-winning broadcast professional by your side – someone who has collaborated with prominent politicians, shaping their messages to resonate with audiences worldwide.

At Hunt & Gather, we offer unmatched expertise in crafting compelling narratives that engage, persuade, and leave a lasting impression.

Our Credentials Speak Volumes

Presentation Scripting and Coaching

Callum Watkinson boasts an impressive track record in broadcast news. As a familiar face on prime-time television in the Midlands for a decade he mastered the art of producing broadcast copy under tight deadlines. Since leaving the television industry he has collaborated with world-renowned politicians, aiding them in shaping speeches and articulating policy initiatives.

The hallmark of his service is the ability to distil complex ideas into eloquent prose, ensuring your message stands out and leaves a lasting impact.

Why Presentation Matters

Effective Presentation Scripting and Coaching

Effective presentation establishes trust and credibility. When your words are carefully chosen, your ideas thoughtfully organised and your delivery polished, you effortlessly establish yourself as a credible authority.

Presentation Scripting and Coaching UK

Personalised Speechwriting Services

At Hunt & Gather, we believe every individual has a unique story. Our speechwriting services are tailored to reflect your distinct voice and perspective. Whether you're a business leader, public figure, or someone with a story to share, we'll collaborate closely with you to understand your goals, values, and intended audience.

Learn Presentation Scripting and Coaching with Callum Watkinson

Presenting with Confidence

In an era dominated by digital communication, presenting oneself effectively – whether on camera or to an audience – is a highly valuable skill. Hunt & Gather offers specialised coaching in presenting to the camera, going beyond traditional speechwriting services.

Present Yourself With Power

Presentation Scripting and Coaching

Beyond facts and figures, effective communication is about connecting on a human level. Skilled speechwriters understand the nuances that create shared understanding and engagement.

Different situations demand different approaches. Whether addressing a boardroom or an online audience, we ensure your message is tailored to resonate.

At Hunt & Gather, we believe everyone has a story worth telling. Drawing on years of broadcast news experience, we help you articulate your ideas with clarity and authenticity.

Your words have the power to shape perceptions and inspire action. By investing in our services, you gain a strategic communication partner dedicated to helping you make a lasting impact.

On Stage Presentation Scripting and Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Our scripting services start at £1500 for a 15 minute presentation (assuming 150 words per minute)*

Additional length of final presentation script will be charged at £75 per finished minute

Example: A twenty minute presentation script starts at £1500 + (5x75) = £1875

The cost of our one-to-one presentation coaching is £400 per day without camera, £600 with camera and playback.

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