Hunt & Gather Reporting and Video Ltd

We offer Promotional and Corporate Business Videos. Presentation Script Writing. Qualified in Private Investigations

20+ Years Experience

We have been gathering, packaging and presenting sound and pictures of everyday life for more than two decades.

TV Staple

Director Callum Watkinson featured as a reporter on ITV regional news most nights of the week for more than a decade, in one of the busiest news regions of the country.

Fully Equipped

After decades of training within ITV, we know exactly what kit is needed to get the job done and how to use it.

Award Winning

We have won a number of internal ITV awards, as well as one Royal Television Society award for journalism and multiple RTS nominations.

Hunt & Gather Reporting and Video Ltd

On-Demand Video
Production Company

What happens when you mix the principles of television news with a commitment to hard hitting digital video marketing? Hunt & Gather happens!



About Hunt & Gather Reporting and Video Ltd - Studio Set Design
Vimana Digital is a UK based Digital Marketing Agency. We use Callum at Hunt & Gather to offer our clients corporate and promotional videos. Callum is always on time, very professional with great safety standards. I would highly recommend Hunt & Gather to any small or large business seeking to have a high quality business video.
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Hunt & Gather Reporting and Video

Director Callum Watkinson began work in a national television newsroom in 2003 and has more than twenty years experience as a television journalist. With that industry changing rapidly he decided to put the skills he learned during daily television news production to commercial use, whilst also focussing on subjects important to us that have been passed over as topics for the broadcast news industry.

Our paid services fund our journalism.

The services offered by Hunt & Gather reflect different aspects of our deep experience within broadcast news.

How We Work

Storytelling - Bespoke Videos - Private Investigations

Storytelling is an ancient art form and one of the earliest ways humans formed societal bonds with one another. The story of your business can be presented in a way that will resonate with your viewers - each one a potential customer - as important; but you need a professional storyteller to pull that off.

Not only do we have the planning, camera and editing skills to make headlines out of your services but we also have a unique awareness of narrative structure that can only come from decades of telling stories, day in and day out.

If you would rather tell your own story but are not sure how it is done, we can show you. We can script a presentation for you and teach you how to deliver it. We can coach you in the best way to present for a mass audience. If the idea of speaking to the camera makes you nervous we have a few simple tips and tricks to help you turn fear into a formidable presentation style and become boss not only of your own firm but of your customers' - and potential customers - social media feeds too.

Meanwhile our private investigation services are born of those aspects of journalism that require good, solid investigative work and a fair bit of shoe leather to find the story, before the telling of it can even begin. This experience has been bolstered with a RQF level 4 qualification in Covert Surveillance Operations that means no matter what you need to get to the bottom of, you’ll find a partner in the task in Hunt & Gather.

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